View Thread: New Chevrolet El Camino

This is the Holden Commodore Ute "Storm". What do you guys think?? Holden is trying to get this over to the States and badge it as the Chevrolet El Camino. Hope this works!!

With all of the crossovers out there right now and cars that aren't quite SUVs, aren't quite wagons, aren't quite cars....this just might work :D

It's like a high HP version of the Subaru Baja. :D I like it!

I've heard that this is the performance bargain down under. 5.7 v8, rwd, and it's cheap.

Let's see, a pickup truck that handles and gets fuel economy like a car. You can't lose. Of course, as long as they make it look cool.

I hate El Caminos. They just remind me of some redneck cruising around town with a mullet in his pimped out version of this car.

I think they'd be timing it about right to take advantage of nostalgia for people who still remember the last el camino's as kids. Probably be a good idea to bring it over.

Wasn't the SSR gonna somewhat take the place of the El Camino?

Rotary Boy
el caminos are awesome. my freinds dad in highschool had a 65 that we would always cruise around in.

My friend's dad had an el camino when I was little too. See what I mean, everyone knew someone w/ one when they were a kid. Plus a friend of mine in grad school had one--I think she called it "Betty" or something like that--it had a name anyway.