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To be introduced: Summer 2002

BMW is currently developing a three- and five-door hatchback with low bonnet and grille and an evolutionary development of the layout of the new 3-series' headlights. An aggressive appearance with huge wheels and typical BMW elements will be the basic impression when watching the car. Entry-level engine will be the 1.6-litre unit with 102 HP making the car a 216. The 214 with about 80 HP is most likely to come about a year after introduction. Top of the range will be the 223 with six-cylinder drivetrain developing 170 HP

The 6 cylinder sounds impressive but the rest are blah. Heres the pic btw. I dont like the looks.

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wow, thats hideous looking

Im not a hatchback BMW fan.

I cant really understand why BWM makes hatch backs. They cant be good sellers. Because you never see them

you never see them in america. they probably have the Audi A3/A2 in their sights with this one (hot sellers in some parts of Europe, btw)

Yeah, compact hatchbacks are best sellers in Europe because of the small roads and high gas prices. We don't see many over here.

The M Coupe is one of the most attractive hatches in the world.

And we'll never see the 1.4 liter version and the 1.6 will probably be upgraded to the 2 liter found in the 320.

Originally posted by 911GT2
The M Coupe is one of the most attractive hatches in the world.
That's subjective :tongue: ;)

Why dont they bring the hi-po bimmers over to north america? its a cash cow waiting to be sent to the avatar. I could name a few people that say that BMW DOESNT offer enough preformance for the price. Personally I would like to see the larger hp in the us cars as well as the european ones.

It's all about fuel economy. BMW makes economy cars for Europe. America doesn't want them because there is no need for fuel efficiency over there. One of these days, that BMW 2-series will also get a diesel engine: just for Europe.

And with this car, I am pretty sure that they have the Audi A3 and others as their targets.

And yes, that BMW is butt-ugly....