View Thread: Toyota Raum

10 years ago we all wondered who was responsible for inventing model names for Toyotas. Raum, German for Room, seemed pretty daft for a concept car at Frankurt in 1993. But Toyota were serious, the concept was refined for Tokyo 2 months later, and the it matured until it debuted in production form four years later, sin 1997.

Raum is a serious car and is recently launched in its second generation. Still midi sized, just over 4 metres long and with a 1,5 litre engine driving through the front, or all four wheels. Unremarkable exterior, 250 cm wheel-base, and the new model has retained the sliding rear doors from the predecessor. There is no reason why the new one should become more international that the outgoing model.

I guess not all concepts are exciting performance models. ;)

Hey, don't bash it til you've tried it, I say... :pd: