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Rotary Boy
yep. my rx-7 is now on the juice.

but not at all the way you are probably thinking.

instead of throwing N20 into my engine in some huge quantity like a madman, I have a nitrous kit that sprays my intercooler, giving my engine a refreshingly cool intake charge when the N20 is on. I can either hit a button or have it spray at a certain RPM.

cool huh

Enano Siniestro

wouldnt compressed air or anything else be a little less expensive then that?


JK RB... How much cooler will this get your engine?

Sia Bani
All you need now is to spray pedestrians by pressing a button labeled with a typed and taped piece of "N02" (yes, N02! :D ) on your steering wheel.

Then (quickly) shoot up and see the street lights in "light speed," and yell out curse words in spanish, and bump up the rear bumper of the skyline ahead of you. :pd:

How much extra power??

And nitrous is for drag racers......

NAWWSSSS is for ricers. ;)

Does it have the same effect as a metal rod in front of your front mount that runs C02 through it? i think the only difference is the C02 cools the air going in rapidly, and the nitrous blows into the FMIC. right?

now you need a "Got Nitrous?" sticker on your rear bumper :D

thats the same thing im going to be doign when i get my procharger/intercoolers.. just sending the 150 shot (back it down from the 200) into the intercoolers to make more cold air

RB, do you have to run race gas in that car?

eric rxb
I think he mixes 103 octane with premium

Rotary Boy
yeah I throw alittle race gas at premium pump and call it a day, when I actually race though I fill up from a big scary tank of #114 VP FISHP, gotta make sure I don't blow my car up

Pennzoil GT-R
i have lost a little respect for you RB. :curse:

:pd: only joking still a cool ccar. i just wish N2O was still the preserve of secretive Jap tuning companies and racers like it used to be, not the commercial must-have-civic-accessory it is now.

Originally posted by Rotary Boy
yeah I throw alittle race gas at premium pump and call it a day, when I actually race though I fill up from a big scary tank of #114 VP FISHP, gotta make sure I don't blow my car up

I always figured so with an overboosted 20B with nigglign detonation problems. Must get expensive eh?

SLP Addict
This is the same way that lingenfelters 300MPH goal street legal car was, He has a Twin Turbo setup, And instead of blowing hte nitrous through hte engine, he blew it through the turbos to cool the engine, so it could maintain a High RPM, while getting up to the speed, unfortunatly he only made it to 298MPH.


SLP Addict
Originally posted by Horus

Well, supposedly he was pissed off like hell.

eric rxb
I thought the mallet sledgehammer held the record for street legal modified cars at a little over 255. I never heard anything about the lingenfelter

298 is still really really fast, the top stage lingenfelter can do about 240mph. The new Hennessey Venom(1000hp) should be faster, ny how much im not sure. Eighter way if your not going to be racing them whats the point of driving them day to day??I've acctually talked to a person with a 700hp Viper done by hennessy venom, he said "I have no plans to race it, I just like to jump on it once and awile to scare Hondas" I just about puked

Rotary Boy
john hennessy's summer house isn't far from me, I see him everynow and then in that yellow venom with the bigass wing that graced all those magazine covers.

Pennzoil GT-R
I saw a Hennessey Venom Viper at a drag competition over here last year. It didnt do very well, at all.

I saw the Hennessey 800 at the super tuner challenge, the blowoff valve on that thing is ridiculous