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Recently hatched adults (we're talking those in their teens and 20s here) have more than just wrinkle-free skin and a relative lack of cynicism to be thankful for these days. They can also celebrate the fact that carmakers are falling all over themselves trying to create vehicles designed to make their active, fun-filled lifestyles even more active and fun-filled. The freshly minted crossover segment (the term "crossover" typically refers to transportation that blends passenger-car handling with SUV functionality) has tended to target the exceedingly youthful, and its ranks are swelling faster than frizz in humidity. Vehicles such as Pontiac's Vibe and the upcoming Subaru Baja are gearing up to leave tire tracks all over the marketplace. The latest vehicle to skid into the fray is the Scion ccX concept, a boldly styled coupe from Toyota.

wheres a puking face when u need it most

Sia Bani
extreme interior!

This is the worst of the 3 imo. Even though the other 2 arent good looking, this one if really horrific to look at. The interior is tacky also and looks too futuristic.

Carlos Carrera
Originally posted by k6kicker
wheres a puking face when u need it most
i agree

It looks french, which can either be an asset or a disadvantage. too bland, wrong angles. and this is coming from a guy studying industrial design

Wow. That interior is "boldly styled" alright...