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Today was my brothers birthday and after I got done washing his car, I just wanted to give props to this Zymol wax I used. That stuff is great. It gave his Civic a nice shine. And also it does not smell really funny, it kinda smells like "Sex on the beach" sun tan lotion. heh. :pimp:

Sia Bani
Great smell...imagine that "was your scent." Create a cologne with that, spray that in your apartment, in your car, on your car...hehe...

Cherry's still the best though!

heheheh ya. :D I bet girls would dig that, and also when they saw cherries or smelled them, they would remember the good cherry scented man. That's tight to have a scent that people know you by, haha As long as it has a good scent of course.

Water :)

I'm eating cherries I bought at Safeway right now. :)


Sia Bani
Did you just reply to yourself? You're like I'm eating cherries, and then you told yourself "nice". You're psycho. hehe.

I honestly let the rain do most of my washing, and I've never waxed my car, yet.

I never wash it, because silver always looks pretty clean.

And I never wax it because the dealership put the teflon coat on the paint, and it's guaranteed to shine for 5 years, and even guaranteed against acid rain, love bugs, ect.

My last car was dk green, and I had to wash it like once a week.

Hurray for silver!

Sous 04 S4
I have been using Zaino Bros. products for about 5 years now and will never go back to anything else. I used to own a black 97 Pontiac GTP that would run low 13's in the 1/4. It was my baby before my new S4. Zaino took out all the swirl marks on the black paint and put a mirror finish on it. Anyway, you can check the stuff out at

I've heard Zaino makes the best stuff out there. Me, I use water :D


haha, ya a reply to myself sometimes, but I think that nice was for mastylez saying he just uses water. Which is kinda borring, butr maybe he is being ""smart" instead. hmmmm.

I'll have to check that Zaino stuff out.

Rotary Boy
Originally posted by Torqueman
Two weeks ago, I did a massive project for waxing the car. I bought Meguiar's Deep Crystal three step system. The first cleans the paint and strips the previous wax. The second is a polish that removes minor scratches, and the third is the carnauba wax. That means applying, drying, then buffing every piece of purple three times over. Took over 5 hours total, but was well worth it. My car now has a wet, deep look to it:)

I love that stuff