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Ok, I need a hood for the truck, a stock hood painted and everything is $372, but the ram air hood is $379
I kinda like it, it would give the truck a more agressive look, its functional but it wouldnt be used since I do not intend on modding the engine.....what do yo think should I just go with the stock hood, or go with the ram air?

You said it's functional, so I'd say go with that IF you planned on goin' any further with mods. But since you said you won't, I wouldn't bother. Spend the seven bucks on something nice, like food or somethin.

Well, with your bumber, it would look really cool to have the ram air hood. Go with that one.

91 Integra
Not quite the look I'd go for if I had an F150, but I'm not the one with the F150. :)

Sia Bani
7 bucks?? Go for it. Looks mean...and it won't be rice because 1)it's an f150. 2) you're a chick, so it's badass no matter what. :D

If you like it, go for it. Its your truck, right? And its not much more expensive.