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Hey all, we've been checkin' out how to repair our 2000 SAAB 9-5 SE, and nearly everything requires the use of a Tech two diagnostic tool? What are they? Is it one of those computer deals that only the dealer is supposed to have? How much can they bet had for (if at all?) Thanks much.

yeah, its an OBDII computer, they cost a hell of alot and it would be cheaper to let the dealership check out whats wrong than to buy one of those.

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Ever heard of stealing?

dont get caught, those things are a couple thousand bucks each.

My friend had one. Now he doesn't.

yeah, thats what I thought. Oh well.

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The Tech II is the most recent GM handheld scanner unit. They are actually pretty slick, although the original design is almost 10 years old. They went into use around 1996. The unit plugs into the ALDL connector and can monitor and in some cases operate certain vehicle systems. They are a far cry from the old hadnheld scanners that could simply read engine codes and report basic sensor data. On the newer cars, the Tech II can start the car, operate windows, turn the radio, defroster and other options on and off, cycle the ABS, turn on the cooling fans and more. Plus, it has snap shot mode to record data during a problem, like a stall or hesitation. (We also have a VDR, Vehicle Data Recorder, that can be plugged into the car and then be used while driving to capture data.)

There are some aftermarket scan tools that can mimic many of the basic functions of the Tech II, which might be all you need, but most of those are still at least $1000 or so.

I got one that came with a programmer for my truck. 450 bucks, and up to 100 horse! I have already used it. Sweet. Can do real time diagnostics, and a ton of other stuff...

Checks, and can clear engine codes...Change tire sizes, Ream time data...Its cool to look at while driving...

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Hey diesel...this is for your suburban right?

Don't believe the 100hp claim, that's overexaggeted by about 10x.

But what's this called? I believe you have the same model suburban as my Tahoe, and I've never seen one of these diagnostic devices for that "cheap."

Sia - No. Thats for my Duramax. I have a chip on the suburban, and it dosent do 1/10000 of what the programmer in the truck does.

They dyno them too...Within 5 hp, at peaks. Sometimes, they are more HP than advertised...

I've seen one of them working, the mechanic did all that bartender said it would (welcome, btw :D). He was crackin the windows open, started the car, I was like "WTF IS WRONG WITH MY CAR?" cuz I didn't know it was supposed to do that :tongue:

anywho, if you need one, um, don't get caught...

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So, Could you just plug this into a GM compatable car, and turn it on?