View Thread: The Crosslander - Brazilian SUV Coming to U.S.

We had a discussion on this at C&D, but I wanted to show everyone here about this new SUV. Looks pretty interesting, and a good competitor to the Wrangler.

So who actually makes it? Is Crosslander the make or the model? It looks very Eastern European"ish", something along the lines of the Dacia SUV from Romania. Might do well against the Land Rover Defender?

That thing looks awesome. If I remember correctly it's a nice bare bones off-roader that isn't very expensive. Very cool!


Well actually, there is some Romanian connection to it. Maybe the Brazilian company is owned by a Romanian one?

But yeah it looks good. I saw a quote on another forum that said "Maybe this will finally be an SUV in enthusiast's garage rather than soccer mom's" when the subject of the turbodisel came up. I'm all for this bad boy!