View Thread: Aftermarket Performance (MPG) parts for 87 prelude

Im inheriting my bro's honda, which means I can leave my VW up at the farm and saev a bunch of money on gas, finally

Looking at it, it could really use some new stuff, themed on being cheap but also maximizing performance by gettign mre gas mileage

The car has had a new exhaust recently installed but i was wondering about adding on a new air filter, perhaps spark plug wires (old ones are terribly cracked and old) spark plugs to go with these, and new wiper blades. Im not lookign to go "rice" with this, im just about pure functionality. Any suggestions of where to go to find some good parts to fit this car/ these specs? Or is my best bet to go to a local parts place and go Bosch?

Sia Bani
Well, if you're going to add only a new filter, I'd suggest going with a new intake system. I personally like the sound of the intakes more on them than exhaust, and together, it'll sound pretty decent.

If you're only worried about fuel economy (i.e. saving money), unless something is in dire need of replacement (air filter, plugs, wires, ect.), I'd save my money and spend it on gas.

If you actually want a performance increase, nothing you can do for cheap (couple hundred $$) will make a huge difference. Cars like that take quite a bit of money to make fast.


It's a honda tuner website. Check it out.

Hmmmmm... Sorry about that. Seems it only goes back as far as 1988 for the Prelude on engine parts. It doesn't have anything functional for it anyway. Oh well. Take a look anyway. Maybe you'll find something cool for another part of the car.