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Audi emotion in its purest form awaits visitors to the ‘Auto Art’ exhibition from May 28 to June 15 in Graz, Austria. Held in the City Hall, this is a ‘motor show’ of a rather different kind. Legendary design studies from all over the world are to be seen together here for the very first time. The Audi ‘Rosemeyer’ design study, a sports car to which only superlatives can do justice, is also on display for the first time outside Germany.

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what the hell kind of car is that supposed to be?

A awesome car? :D

The grille looks like one of the cartoon robots. I dont like the look too much but it probably kicks some major ass.:bootyshak

The grill looks like it's from an old Indy car from the 50's - 60's.

its reminiscent of the old auto union racers from audis inception in the 1930's if im not mistaken. its a throwback to those classic rear engine proportions with a bathtub silouette(a'la audi tt) also much like the auto union racers that dominated the racing scene 70 years ago. too bad designers now cant do a throw back car properly without screwing it up. dont worry, i will change it when i graduate from industrial desgin in three more short years.

and it is the grill that is (unfortunately) going to be on the new A6 I believe.

Nogaro Nitwit
I have a model of that. That is a good looking car. The front needs some help, but overall very nice!

Carlos Carrera
Originally posted by lsr78
and it is the grill that is (unfortunately) going to be on the new A6 I believe.

i dont think AUDI is going to do that... i hope.

Pennzoil GT-R
Audi is going to adapt the front end from the Nuvolari concept onto all its future models, which isnt a bad thing IMO.