View Thread: Lightning strikes twice - Vauxhall release official pictures of sports car stunner

Vauxhall has released the first official pictures of its stunning concept, named VX Lightning, which is being launched as part of the Centenary celebrations. Shown from all angles, the new pictures clearly demonstrate Lightning’s dramatic design, carried out at GM’s Advanced Design studio in Coventry by GM’s leading designers Simon Cox and Martin Smith.

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(Includes new pictures of the car!)

Amazing design i must say. It kind of reminds me of the Pontiac Solstice a little bit too. Too bad if that ever goes into production it will never come stateside.

I love everything except the sideviews and the front nose, the hoodline, the fenders, all ther rest is great, especially the side view, hopefully they fix the nose and start selling it.

the nose is reminiscent of the current euro market car. I actually like it a lot, would be cool if they ever decided to import it, but it would probably cost to much over here to sell well enough.

Ahhh a car named after a deadly chemical weapon.....:pd:

I love it! Fantastic design.

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I think it looks pretty good too... But I'm not too impressed by its interior...

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Damn that's a sexy bitch.

All wrong. tings just dont work. it has many brilliant design pieces, they just dont look brilliant together

Eh, it doesn't do much for me. Looks kind of like a new caddy design that didn't quite make it or something...