View Thread: Roll hoops give MG owners protection & style

The MG TF, UKs best selling sports car, can now be specified with XPower accessory Roll Hoops for benefits in protection and style. The XPower Roll Hoops, designed by MG Sport & Racing, offer additional protection with the minimum of intrusion to cabin space. They are a real eye catching addition, available in a variety of body coloured finishes as well as a Hi - line version in stainless steel. The Roll Hoops have been designed so that the existing hood can be operated without modification.

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well, wouldn't everyone want roll hoops if you have no roof, I know at my height, I would

WOW is that nice! I like it better than the TT. What's the MSRP for this in England?

I REALLY hope MG comes back to the U.S. soon. As I've said before, one of my favorite brands.