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A vehicle of strong personality with innovative equipment and also a unique range of engines and gearboxes: meet the New Fiat Punto as it makes its debut in segment B, the heir to a model that has sold and gone selling over the last few years. A substantially new car. The clean lines, unfussy styling and particular attention to detail displayed by the new mini reflect the most up-to-date trends. The result is a good-looking car with character. Its captivating style also makes it look increasingly like a higher segment car.

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Looks awfully "Golfish" to me. Plus, one would think one would go out of one's way to avoid one's small car's name sounding at all similar to "Pinto". Plus, isn't "punta" a word you wouldn't want it to sound too much like as well?

I saw "Pinto" the first time too :D

I don't mind it. But, then again, I'm a sucker for most small European cars!! I have to say though, the wheels on the 5dr, look like they have come off the Skoda Fabia, the front bumber looks like it's come from the Ford Fiesta and the front lights and grill look very similar to the previous generation Volkswagen Polo!! Anyone else want to have a pick at it?? Hahaha

In this class... I would rather prefer a Seat Ibiza! :D

Originally posted by kak
In this class... I would rather prefer a Seat Ibiza! :D

I'd take a seat too, all that driving wears me out. :woowoo: