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Ford is taking the art of color to a more intense level with a concept car that uses LED lights to change body panel colors, intensity and frequency, all in the name of safety and user preferences.
Nearly 100 years ago, Henry Ford let his color preference be known with the legendary quote: “You can have any color as long as it’s black.” Launched in the spring of 2002, GloCar challenges the icon by being any color except black. Clad in injection-molded translucent plastic panels, it uses LED lights to change the body panel color, intensity and frequency in response to safety conditions and user preferences. The driver can either stand out or blend in.
The only automobile on display at the exhibit, the GloCar is built around a lightweight aluminum space frame with aluminum extrusions and castings. It is powered by fuel cell technology.
Based on the scenarios, designers explored possible trends. Among the most important were safety and sustainability. Sixty percent of accidents happen at intersections at night. ‘Being seen’ is key in avoiding this. The GloCar allows you to be seen from all angles, not just headlights and taillights. In addition, the GloCar can potentially eliminate the need for vehicle paint, thus eliminating waste as well as reducing complexity at the manufacturer by making only one version of the vehicle.

Sia Bani
Fuck, my V1 is going to go crazy everytime I pass one of those.

Ford Glocar

That would be a fun way to run from the police

If those under body neon light kits are illegal, I somehow don't see them letting these things ride around.

That is probley the strangest thing I have ever seen.