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Sub Urban
My Suburban's air conditioning is no longer working, actually it stopped over the winter months. When I press the A/C button the light turns on, and the fan still blows, but the air comes directly from outside. Do you guys think that it is the refrigerant, meaning that new fluid will fix the problem if there is no leak, or is it the whole air conditioning module which crapped out. I don't think it is a fuse or a valve though, but I did notice a wire which was disconnected in that area, maybe Sia could help me out on that one. It was a wire which connected to the side of the refrigerant storage area, I tried plugging it back in but could not see if it had the same connectors, but it did not want to stay in. It could just be that little plug which needs to be changed, I am not sure, I guess I will have to bring it in.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

It could be a relay, fuses, maybe the compressor.

Then again, you could just need a R-134 recharge.

Sub Urban
Yeah, it could be so many things, I hope it isnt the compressor.

Its not that bad, even if it is the compressor. Most of the chavy's use the same one i think. I just bought a re-built compressor for my Z28 for 169.

Sub Urban
Okay, that really isnt a bad price, but I highly doubt it is the compressor. I guess I will have to wait and see to find out.

Sia Bani
I haven't had any ac problems with the hoe, so I wouldn't know off hand. Good luck.

Sub Urban
Thanks! I was just referring to one plug that goes into the side of the refrigerant tank, that is disconnected...

One question: did it just stop blowing cold one day or was it gradual??

Sub Urban
It stopped during the winter actually, it might have been a leak, but since I could not tell if it was gradual, if the "coolness" dropped slowly, I don't know for sure what it is.

Most likely has a small leak. You can get it recharged and have dye added. Then get it rechecked in a couple of weeks. Or you can have it recharged and have a sealer installed into the system. The sealer works the same way a cooling sys sealer works. A/C leaks are VERY common with the new r134a. It uses a much smaller molicule.

eric rxb
Ugh. Just reminded me of a discussion of the structure of R134A and R12 that we had in my thermo class last week. I have my final in that class on tuesday. Should be interesting.

Sub Urban
Thanks guys!