View Thread: Daihatsu Copen - Cute, cool and coming in november

For many, the Daihatsu Copenís cute looks will be enough. For others, its cool exclusivity will clinch it. Enthusiasts, meanwhile, will be seduced by its agile, involving handling and perky performance. And now, Daihatsu can confirm the 660 cc turbocharged Copen is officially coming to the UK with sales starting late November. The good news follows successful engineering tests which confirm the car can be modified to pass European Whole Vehicle Type Approval regulations. Target price is between £12,000 and £14,000 depending on the final specification. Production begins in September.

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Dude! If there was ever a car that breached the laws of copyright in the automotive industry, this is the car!! Daihatsu, Audi has already released the TT!! I'm affraid you're at least 5 years too late!!

eric rxb
Hehehe. That car makes me laugh. Cute, but I wouldn't be caught dead in it. Looks like the bastard child of a TT and a Thunderbird

It's just looks like a bastard period :)

It's a funny looking car... but I would never borrow/drive/buy one... It's a Daihatsu for heaven's sake!

2 seater Beetle convertable mixed with a TT... yep, y'all are right.