View Thread: WRC Round 5: Argentina

The WRC is heating up with the second out of three rim rallyes starting tomorrow, American rallye fans have the benefit of it being within their time zones, so the fans who listen to WRC Radio (Yours truely) won't have to be awake early at 4am to listen to coverage.

With Peugeot drivers taking the first and second places in the point standings, and Peugeot having first place in the Manufacturers standings, it is looking like they have gotten their year on track despite heavy competition from Citroen's assult. None have the top 5 poll standing drivers are favored win according to polls, the wild card in this is of course the new Focus, which failed to complete the New Zealand rallye with Markko Martin at one time leading the pack. With the Skoda car not being seen in an actual WRC event until the first half of the year is completely, all eyes are on Ford to prove that the new Focus is as robust as last years.

One notable thing missing from this years Argentina rallye are the El Condor stages, a favorite among many of the drivers and co-drivers alike. But this is a gravel/sand rallye that travels high into the mountains, with altitude becoming a determining factor, so it will be a more power-based rallye than a suspension one. Tire choices don't stand out as much here, because the weather is more predictable than a lot of the other WRC Rallyes.

My personal pick: Richard Burns

Why? He is the only person in the Top 10 this year to complete every race, and I believe he and the Peugeot can get it done again.

Wildcards: The new Focus and Tommi Makinen.

Why? The Focus is still not completely proven, so expect a good showing from Ford, maybe even a Top 5 finish.

I count on a strong finish from Tommi Makinen because history shows he can win this as he did from 96-98 back in the Mitsubishi days, I know he has the drive and the skill to win this, but only time will tell if the fire still resides in the former champ to pick up what has been a dismal start to his season.

Those waiting for Speed Channel coverage, it will be at 7 P.M. EST next Thursday. I will be covering the winners on here as it unfolds, so don't check back for a week or two if you don't want it to be spoiled.

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Maybe I've fallen asleep at the helm here but doesn't Burns drive for Citroen?

No he's a Peugeot driver.