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You see, there was a flooding (a HUGE rain) and some cars got problems because the water level wa sso high and shit, so when I saw that ahead of me, I decided to go over some road division (you know, a little lane of cement that divides lanes, a little lower that the level of the audi A4's lower fascia). I went over it and evaded the water safely.

However, after passing it, I feel my suspension is more, um, soft. Like if I push the car with my hand downwards, it'll bounce more.

Is it possible that I fucked up the suspension doing that? How should I know if I did or it's all in my head? The thing was lower than the cars' fascia, and I passed it as slow as I could.


Push the car with your hand downwards???

Car's fascia??

Please speak english and actually describe your problem next time.

I'm not a english professor or something... but what the heck are you talking about?

Pennzoil GT-R
pushing down on the hood/bonnet of the car and then relieving the pressure to make the suspension bounce.

front fascia.....front bumper

Sia Bani
Ya, why are you guys giving him such a hard time?

911, you've never heard of the "front fascia"?

(moved to garage)

I've heard of the front fascia obviously, it just has nothing to do with the suspension.

And I can't come close to telling what the hell he's trying to say.

Sia Bani
He went over the median, the front bumper almost hit, and now the ride feels very squishy.

He thinks if he goes outside to push down on the trunk, the car will have much more springiness than before. He's guessing his suspension went from hard to soft..and he's asking us what we think.

I think it's in your head. Although you can damage shit by offroading in an A4 :D, I doubt you did anything...and you're just noticing stuff you didn't notice before, because everything was normal and you expected nothing.

If a shock was blown, you'd know it. I think most of it's in your head.

ANY hard corner would lift a tire.

And if I'm not mistaken it's new right???

If you haven't done your "test" of the shocks/springs in a while, it may just be your springs wearing in. Nothing wrong.

do the ol spring test then, bounce it was you did before but note how many times it oscillates up and down, it should make maybe one revolution up down then stop in the middle, do it on all four corners and see if that side bounces more. That may be a simple diagnosis. otherwise try looking at the spring to see if its cracked or maybe it broke a top mount loose or something. good luck

and guys, dont give him such a hard time, I understood what he was saying the first read through, not sure what was so hard to understand, altho kak is from another country =\