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The Enjoy is a roofless two seater sports concept car based on the aluminium chassis of a Lotus Elise.

Like the Lotus 340R, also based on this platform, the Enjoy is an extreme sports car designed for road and track use which makes it unique in being an Italian track day car.

One of the most interesting and unique features of the Enjoy are wings that can be removed to reduce weight when on race circuits where open wheels are permitted.

nah can't see it on the streets.

Me neither..

Sia Bani
4 no's!

Not much optimismn here no! :)

Just think of it as a Porsche Boxster with the top down.

Pennzoil GT-R
its nice, really nice. but i cant see it coming out on the streets.

Sia Bani
I'm thinking "batmobile" with the top down.

Carlos Carrera
mmm no...

looks cool, but just can't see it on the streets, not enough people would buy it, it's to far ahead of its time.

Ford ZX2 1999
No, I don't think it will...

Arthur Dent
It definitly neat but not a production car

again no.

Now, if the question were, "would you like to see this as a production car?"

The answers would definitely be different.

No to the question.

The same people who came up with this masculine name also contributed the name for the Toyota "Fine-S" concept, and the Mitsubishi Toppo BJ....