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Carlos Carrera
Well the story was this.
My sis took my car.
Lost the control of it.
And finish on a sidewalk
Results... a exhaust pipe, (the section before the catalytic conv.)
with a little (tiny) fissure.

Im going to change the headers, and complete exhaust system, but thats 2 months far away. so do u think that fissure can cause me a problem?

eric rxb
I doubt it. I've had a crack in my exhaust manifold for a few months now. On the other hand my jeep did just develop some serious exhaust problem, but I highly doubt that they are related.

Sia Bani
Ya, i doubt it as well. What exhaust system are you getting?

It won't cause you a problem, but the noise may be annoying.

A quick, cheap, temporary fix would be to buy "muffler tape."

You can get it at the local auto parts store for a couple of bucks. It'll be perfect for you, since it isn't a permanent fix anyways.

It'll sound really loud between now and then, but it shouldn't cause any problems unless it's putting out hot exhaust gas near anything heat sensitive.

And just to be safe, drive with the windows open :)

Spot weld it. If you can't weld, take it to a muffler shop, it'll likely be cheap. I swear most of my Cruiser's exhaust system is spot welds at this point from the abuse its taken.