View Thread: Vibe GTR Ram Air Diecast - nice detail!

I'm not a huge Vibe fan, but this one looks just like the "GTR" concept that was on the circuit about a year ago. Nice. Other than the Ford Focus, this is the first detailed "domestic" (yeah, its a shared platform with the Matrix) sport compact die cast that I've seen. Check the racing seats. (

"The GTR show car has a 190 hp w/ 6-speed manual, and unlike the similar Matrix XRS, are not available with automatic transmission.
The GTR takes the basic Vibe GT to that next excitement level. This show piece comes with a 'Ram Air' hood scoop, 'Street Racer' Body kit, 19' rims, high performance tires, special seats, custom wrapped steering wheel, and deluxe Kenwood MP3 player."

Yes, that's +10 horsepower to the Celica GT-S engine, courtesy of Pontiac Ram Air. :pimp:

Pennzoil GT-R
an odd looking beast isnt it

Rotary Boy
goofy looking, but I like it. I am a big fan of the small offset hood scoop

Like the 80's model 300zx scoops?

It still looks like a lowered minivan