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need help. When I take my gas cap off it releases alot of air pressure, the i can only put a little gas in at a time, any more and it overflows. any suggestions what is causing this?. thanks to anyone who can help.

Sia Bani
First off, welcome here molson!

About the gas tank, I have a feeling someone has inserted some foreign object in there. Something that lets the gas leak from around it, or through it slowly, but is slowing the filling process way down.

my thoughts exactly, happening to my mum

could definitly be something in there, the air escaping is probably from a bad charcoal filter, i'd have it replaced as that can cause some problems, a vented gascap can help as well. The filling problem could be the air pressure, but i doubt it since that should all escape as you put the nozzle in the tank.

It's normal for the gas cap to "hiss" when you open it. It's probably because the gas tank is slightly pressurized to help the fuel injection. But, that's my guess. My dad's Lumina, mom's Concord, and my Toyota Van all hiss when I open the cap. Perfectly normal. But, not sure about your "gas-filling" problem. There could be something blocked in there.

There's pressure in the tank, so unless it hisses really loud it's all good.

But it sounds like you've got something blocking you.