View Thread: OMFG. 430hp in a bike

Pennzoil GT-R
Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo upgrade kit. Good for 430hp. That would be just insane, words couldnt describe it

i have a video of a lesser kit, but this.........

:woowoo: :rally:

That sounds pointless! By cool nonetheless. :D

eric rxb
When you consider this thread along with bike accident thread, this one just starts to seem like a bad idea.

oh there will be heads a rolling and torso disattachment aplenty with this turbo kit.

Sia Bani

whoops, caps lock seemed to be on.

Rotary Boy
my freind has a hayabusa, and before I crashed my bike me and hime raced up this hella twisty one way mountain road. it may take a GSX-R750 in a straight line, but throw in some twists and the hayabusa gets left in the dust.

Pennzoil GT-R
i know this could have gone in other transport. but nothing gets seen there, and people need to see a 430bhp motorbike :bigbounce

I'm going to stick that in my car