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Always wanted one of those.

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The G-Timer GT1 will sell for $149.95, and offers a complete set of performance screens. It has a 32-character backlit LCD display, and saves the most recent timed run in memory.

The G-Timer GT2 will sell for $249.95. It has an ultra bright blue vacuum fluorescent graphics display that adds additional options for displaying G-Meter information. It stores 10 runs in internal memory, and has the capability of downloading data to your laptop, Palm, or PC. It also includes a "remote control" power cord that lets you select modes and start timed runs without having to reach the buttons on the main unit.

eric rxb
I'd love to have something like the integrated computer that the R34 Skyline has. These are still pretty cool.

I don't think the Skyline gives you acceleration measurement.

eric rxb
It has a G meter that displays g's on an x and y axis. You can determine accelleration from the G's

I did not know that it measured acceleration, g, whatever you want to call it.

I just thought it had a lot of engine sensors and such built in.

eric rxb
You've never seen the top gear Skyline vid? The host talks about the computer for a good few minutes

That is so totally cool and i would want one for my future car. I always wondered how much they would sell for and who makes them and now i finally know.

there is another version that has been out for a while.


You can find those on ebay for under $100 I think.

Originally posted by eric rxb
You've never seen the top gear Skyline vid? The host talks about the computer for a good few minutes

I was gonna mention that. I've got so many top gear videos.

Sia Bani
Anything thats labeled GT2 must be cool right?!?!

Dizzamn right....

Rotary Boy
I don't really like the Gtech meters, I much rather perfer a trip to the track and two cans of spray paint, some measuring tapes and a parking lot.

with those I can do all the things that meter can, and I havn't had to repaint the lot in quite some time, some one even came and repainted it to use themselves.

Sia Bani
Oh ya....didn't even remember this thread existed!!

I ran a 5.4 to 60 and a 1.87 60' without launching over 3k. Not too shabby.

Oh, the added benefit of this gtimer versus the gtech is that you don't need to have it completely level for accurate results. As long as it's facing the center of the windshield ie not turned towards you, it's good to go.

I have an accelerometer... circa 1987 Pretty friggin cool, but innacurate as junk. I'm pretty sure it only works right with automatics, A-tech and i tried it a bunch and it gives funny numbers when your in a manual, too much jerkin about or somethin.