View Thread: Celebrated "Renegade" name returns on Jeep Cherokee

The 'Renegade' name makes its comeback to the Jeep® line-up in international markets - only now it will be worn by an all-new, adventurous model of the successful Jeep Cherokee 4 x 4. First used in 1964 on the inside door opening of the Jeep Wagoneer, the Renegade name has always represented the rebellious heart and soul of the Jeep brand, desired by so many Jeep loyalists. Designed for non-stop exploring, the Jeep Cherokee Renegade model is shown for the first time in Europe at the 2002 British International Motor Show in Birmingham.

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Isn't that a Liberty??

What do you mean?

Ken-Arild Kristiansen

that looks exactly like the liberty.

Originally posted by 911GT2
Isn't that a Liberty??
No it's an insault to the Cherokee:angry: I drive the real deal. :green:

thats an insult to the renegade name, my Cj7 rene' is very unhappy

SLP Addict

but i no someone who drives a juiced bird, who also owns a liberty