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Do they even apply?

In the crash tests, they run the trucks into a stationary wall. Why?? How many wrecks involve a solid wall? Very few.

So why is that the basis for comparison?

Yeah, sure, it's physics, if you're in a vehicle that weighs more, when you run into a stationary object, more force is exerted.

But everyone knows that if you're in a civic (good crash rating) and you get hit by an F-150 (terrible crash rating) the civic driver will lose.

Check out what happens to the F-150 when it hits a wall though. (ouch).
He looks comfortable.....

Hmm, I'm surprised its that bas with the truck (although I think they are exempt from alot of safety standards, right?)--my brother got in an accident w/ his Ranger where it totally messed up the other vehicle and didn't do nearly as much damage to the truck.

My best accident...when I first dropped out of law school I actually drove a truck for a year or so. The one I usually used was one of those white Isuzu's about the size of a UPS truck or so. It had been in an accident at some point w/ another larger truck, which had knocked the bumper off, and they had simply welded a 3/4 piece of armor plating off from some warship (don't ask me how they happened to get ahold of that--but thats what the boss said it was). Anyway, had this accident w/ a lying bitch in a minivan--pretty much totalled her minivan, and all it did was scratch the paint on that piece of steel--I hardly even felt the impact! It was sort of fun driving a truck like that...heh heh heh

eric rxb
My jeep has decent bumpers in the front and have done some pretty good damage. One day I lost traction going around a corner on a rainy day. I started to slide sideways and over corrected, and ended up hitting a ford probe and doing some decent damage to it, and my font bumper only had a small dent in it. Somebody ran a stop sign in front of my sister and she has a wrangler just like mine, and she hit them, and pretty much totalled their car (an older cougar) and barely any damage to her car.

Yeah, my friend has a TJ, and I was with him when he got rear ended. He had an aftermarket bumper on it, it is the dual length of pipe (don't know what you would call it). He had a dent and some new chips in the paint. The other car (Pontiac Grand Am) was really damaged. The bumper was in several pieces laying on the pavement, the hood crumpled back onto the windshield, all the lights were shattered, and the front quarter panels were pretty sbanged up. Jeeps are pretty tough.

I don't know why they don't put strong bumpers on cars anymore. The only "accident" I've ever been in was in my first car, an 89 Bronco.

It was in a dirt parking lot. Some chick in an 83 Civic parked behind me at an angle, right where I couldn't see her because of the spare tire. So, I backed up, looking back the whole time, and hit the front of her car. I was like WTF!! I couldn't see what I hit. It barely dented my bumper, but totally messed up her car.

The NHTSA runs vehicles head-on into a wall, but the IIHS runs vehicles into a solid barrier on the driverís side only, which is actually considered by many to be a more accurate replication of a real crash. Obviously, these tests are meant to apply to vehicles of the same class. With the F-150 vs. Civic example, the Civic would fair worse because of unfavorable weight transfer from the much heavier F-150. However, I can probably get out of the way faster than the F-150 and avoid the accident altogether. :D

I've just always thought the "running into a wall" crash test was stupid.

What % of wrecks involve stationary objects like walls?

I think they should hit a 3000 lb object on wheels or something to be much more realistic.

Think of it this way. Run a Semi into a solid wall, and the entire truck will most likely be totally destroyed. Does that make the Semi unsafe?? Hell no. Run the Semi into a 3000 lb car, and the Semi will barely feel it.

True...but then the 3000 lb car would be moving, so just hitting one standing still on wheels wouldn't be accurate either...