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This is the last in the series of major Porsche tuners, although i'll try and do something on Autothority. TechArt was formed in 1987 from the joining of the words "technic" and "art". They are one of the few tuners actually recognized by Porsche (itself and RUF primarily).

TechArt has a wide array of programs for Porsches ranging from the 928 through to the 996 Turbo. We'll start with the earliest, the 928. Since TechArt wasn't really around during that time period, their tuning for the 928 is limited to lightweight alloy wheels, suspension packages, aero kits and exhaust systems. They also offered handstitched complete leather interior packages as well. They looked fairly identical to the 928 with subtle front air dam modifications:

For the 964 generation 911, TechArt offers a much wider array of performance additions. The power gains are approximately 35 hp (285 over stock 250), but that is only a small measure of a Porsche's performance. Strut braces, anti-roll bars and coilover shocks are also offered to lower ride height and improve response. A six-speed transmission from the 993 and a locking differential are also available. The 964's aero kits are biased toward usefulness over looks, with most kits designed to maximize airflow to the brakes:ß/964_08C.jpg

TechArt offers a similar setup for the 993, with transmission, engine, suspension and aero changes. The power is upgraded by only 20 horsepower (305 over base 285), but the TechArt brake system is where the car shines. The locking differential and modified gearboxes are available as well as a performance clutch. TechArt also offered a special version called the CT3 with a supercharged and bored out 3.8 liter flat-6 creating an amazing 462 bhp. Here's some pics of the CT3 as well as the normal Techart 993:
Here's the rear end of the CT3 (notice the 959 right next to it!)
Front end:
And here's the normal 993 kit:

For the N/A 996, TechArt has the basic breathing upgrades giving it a 28 hp increase, as well as supplementing handling with suspension and brake kits. The aero kits are also quite nice:ßeBilder%20996/B08A.jpgßeBilder%20996/B08C.jpg

And yes, the 996 turbo of course, where all the tuners go nuts. TechArt overhauls the fuel delivery, ECU, turbochargers and exhaust to create a 600hp, 850 lb-ft monster from a baseline 420hp beast. Only chassis and wheel/tire upgrades are available, as the brakes and gearbox are among the best in the world already. Here's some of the kits for the 996 Turbo:

And there's your overview of TechArt! Hope you enjoyed it.

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I have decided that I love all porsche tuners.

Mostly TechArt makes kits with breathing upgrades, but they're getting better. Note the freakin Turbo. BTW, they actually invented the widebody.

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Im not to fond of the power upgrades(35hp.......) but they are still AMAZING car's!

That's just their breathing hardware. There are hard edged versions of almost all models, it's just that TechArt hasn't been around for very long.

And the bastards won't allow remote linking....god damn.

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Fuckin, bastards, i would post them but im to lazy.......

Bump so people can see it again.

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In a lil bit ill post the pictures.

850 ft lb? god damn, thats impressive from a flat 6, this runs on street fuel too? damn impressive job :cheers: