View Thread: got to see 4 awesome bikes today, made my day

Rotary Boy
not sure what they were up too, maybe a bike meet nearby.

but I got to play around in traffic(as mucha s I could anyway) with 4 ducati's

a yellow 748 with sponsership logos all over it, a red 998 with sponsership logos all over it, a yellow and black 916 evoluzione with sponsership logos all over it, and a red 996 with sponsership logos all over it.

I saw a trend in the bikes that lead me to belive the guys in full yellow/black/red ducati suits were pros or somthing. whoever they were it was cool as hell to see those cars. they were more than capable enough to get rid of the supra when they wanted too. but I got a few thumbs ups to them and they returned. the 916 sounded unreal, I have never heard any piston engine make those sounded like a blender on it's highest setting

eric rxb
What were you in when you saw them?

Rotary Boy
the supra. they were doing about 80 and I noticed them all lined up beind me as I was passing a box truck. once we got around it they slowly started fileing past me, I gave them all thumbs ups for thier awesome bikes. and then the guy in the 916 gave me and nod and I downshifted and tried to see if I could take him. not really, even for the top end grunt of my supra, it's no superbike.