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Within a few years my father will be giving his 2002 Shadow 750 to me. (He said he's getting too old to ride and enjoy it.) For the time being I've considered getting a motorcycle to learn on, and take some classes this summer.

Any suggestions from you guys out there? I'm checking out the Honda Rebels and other 250s... primarily looking at Hondas and Yahama Viragos. Any other thoughts?

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yeah, party time... excellent :)

Sia Bani
Great that you want to learn on somethign smaller. Just do what everyone else does and get an ex500. I wouldn't get a 250, unless you're really small. Even then, you'd still be hopping on a 750 soon after, so just get the 500.

I am 5'4, 130lbs... so I guess I'm kinda small. I'll check out the 500s along with the 250s... just want something I can learn on, ride around town and enjoy!

Thanks Sia. :D

Sia Bani
sure...I just found this old site again. You definately want to invest in some good gear. More important than deciding whether or not to get a 250 vs a 500.