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Some stupid little sh!t head broke my new fiberglass CB antenae of my front bumper last night. My truck was sitting in my driveway and the spineles little wanker broke it. I just bought it and mounted it. It was a $30 unit. I'm assuming that it was someone coming from a party at the house a few doors down. A bunch of college students live there and last night they threw a huge obnoxious party waking me up periodically all night. I called the police who came and took the information but told me that they can't really do anything about it. The officer said to call him if they have another party and they will send a car to patrol the block. Arghhh! If I would have caught the person in the act, I guarentee I would have chased him down and beaten him. Peeing in my yard, ok I can handle that, leaving empty cups and garbage in my yard, that is annoying, but when someone screws with my truck, I go:badass: :flame: :boxer: on his ass.

thats horrible to hear. Take advice from the thread that Sia started about either getting a dog, skunk or shooting him if that ever happens again. I would just beat the shit out of him if he ever came near my house after this happened.

The thing is you almost never catch them in the act and know for sure who did it, so you don't know who to beat.

That kind of crap sucks--sorry to hear it.

Go to a sporting goods store and get a paint ball gun and some paint balls filled with doe in heat or fox pee or something and let the party boys have it next time they're strolling by...

I'm probably supposed to move this thread somewhere, since its about a truck...though the subject is more the vandalism...hmmm...Trucks? General? Any opinions...? If I don't, Sia will yell at me for slacking!

:surprised :(

Sorry for posting in the wrong spot, anger clouds my judgement:dizzy:

Hmm paintballs? That might be a better solution then the 12 guage approach.:D The weird thing is too, that at 2:30 I woke up because of people out on the street making noise. So I jumped up and immediatley looked to see if they were screwing around with my truck. From upstairs it looked like my cb antenae had been broken off, I threw on some clothes and shoes in about 10 seconds and ran downstairs. When I walked out onto my porch, I could see the antenae was still there. I was adrenalized and with my running shoes on was prepared to run down someone. So I went back to bed and when I woke up this morning I was shocked to see that someone broke it off.

Wow, maybe you're psychic!! Quick, what're this weekends Lotto numbers!!!!??


No worries on where it was posted.

When someone stole my cds out of my girlfriends car, I sat outside in the dark with a curved 6 foot steel rod for about 3 nights. I saw the kids come back by snooping around, they about shit their pants. Damn wiggers

Sia Bani
Bastard. I'm totally down with the baseball bat-skull insertion thing too.

I am sure that whoever did this will get theirs eventually. People who do sh/t like this eventually get caught, and get their butt whooped. I believe in karma. :)
I had my car parked on U.T. campus next to the tennic court. I thought it was safe. One morning, I go to the car and the driver's side mirror has been destroyed by what I assume is a baseball bat. You just have to shake it off and believe that pricks like this eventually get theirs.

I had someone break into my house and steal a bunch of stuff. Now that shit will freak you out. I sleep with the DeMarini under the bed now (bat).

That sucks Ksaile. I hate it when people don't have enough respect for people's stuff to keep themself from doing something stupid like that. :(

Check this out. I get a call from the city police this morning. They found my broken antenae and the jackass who stole it. Unbelievably the campus public safety stopped a group of guys who had obviously been drinking heavily, as they were walking accross campus. They apparently were whipping each other with a white 4' fiberglass antennae. I went done and IDed the antennae. Sure enough it was mine. It was all mangled and broken into shards. As I speak, the campus public safety and the city police are visiting the little punks dorm room and giving hime a shakedown. :D Of all the things that get stolen and never recovered around here, I can't believe they found my antennae. Justice will be served!

Alright! Congratz!

Sia Bani
Haha, nice. Too bad they didn't find it in one of their anal cavities though.

Wow, cool! Geez, you NEVER hear about the little creeps that pull this crap getting caught. You should prosecute for anything you possibly can--better yet, get a lawyer and sue the kid and his parents if possible for ?mental anguish" etc--say you can't sleep at night and you feel so violated, and you're not sure if you can work anymore since it intrudes on all your waking thoughts and you can't concentrate...

Ha ha, I'm just happy to get my money! I'd be afraid to try and prosecute just because of the fear of incurring any expenses and time to deal with it, after all, it was only a $30 antannae. I'm sure the dumbass learned a lesson, I guess they tracked him down at class and pulled him out during. That's worth something right there!

That's wack Ksaile. Sorry to hear. :(