View Thread: Ford to follow its 2004 "Year of the car" with all-new Ford Futura mid-size sedan

Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] announced today at the New York Auto Show that it will follow the introduction of four all-new cars in 2004 with a new mid-size sedan in 2005 - the 2006 Ford Futura - as part of a comprehensive revitalization of the Ford brandís car line up. "We have an incredible array of new products coming next year - a freshened Focus, the Five Hundred, the Freestyle, the Ford GT and the all-new Mustang. But Fordís product-led revitalization - and the resurgence of our car business - will not end there," says Steve Lyons, president of Ford Division. "Weíre applying every lesson we have learned about vehicle interior design, packaging, driving dynamics and powertrain performance while adding a dose of design edge from the Ford 427 concept to create the new Ford Futura."

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Sia Bani
Looks good. Do you guys see how real the wheels look?

Not bad at all....

eric rxb
It seems like Chrystler, Ford and GM all have really awesome sedans comming out soon.

Very handsome car.

i think that the new 03 jettas have the same wheels (alloy 17s pckg) :dizzy: