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Tomorrow my friend is coming over, im installing his pioneer speakers in him ford t-bird.. I was just wondering if I should leave the factory wires or get new wires? Will there be a noticible difference in the sound if i leave the factory wires?


I think it depends on how much power you are running. I changed the wires in my old Mustang and didn't notice a huge difference. I wasn't pushing too much in the way of wattage at that point though.

Les /Vipers Rule
For standard speaker upgrades the stock wires are fine enough. But if you want to give yourself more work, knock yourself out.

The standard wires are probably fine.

Sia Bani
Are they amped or not? That's the main issue. For our purposes, stock wires should do fine.

speaker installation has been a succes :D
we only changed the speakers in the back though..
my dad (never met anyone who knows more about cars than him ) helped us to get the speakers in cuz the factory screw holes didnt fit the new speakers... now it sounds much better :cheers:

Sia Bani actually notice a BIG difference by only replacing the rears?

yea believe me.. the factory speakers were really crappy and he got nice 130 watt pioneers in the back now :cheers:

Sia Bani
130 watt? That makes no difference if it isn't amped. And you're probably talking 65rms.

If he has an aftermarket HU, he's probably running 17-23 watts RMS, which is far from the real capability.