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Gemballa is a tuner who arguably put out the most hard edged tuned Porsches around. They are most knwon for their excellent slantnose kits and ridiculous amounts of power.

Here's two of the slantnose cars here:

This is the 1990 Gemballa Mirage, weighing a hair under 3000 lbs with 490 hp and 420 lb*ft of torque. It hits 60 in 4.1 seconds on the way to a 205 mph top speed.

And this is the 1994 Gemballa Le Mans Biturbo. Weighing in at under 2900 lbs, the Biturbo engine puts out 550 hp and 449 lb-ft of torque. This gives the Gemballa a 3.8 second sprint to 60 and a 202 mph top speed. Believe it or not, this used to be a 993 TT.

As for the 996 contingent, the best hardware Gemballa makes is the GTR 750 EVO:

The GTR 750 has an amazing 754 hp and 622 lb*ft of torque out of the 3.6 liter-flat six. The GTR 750 can hit 225 mph after passing by 60 in 3.5 and 100 in 6.5.

For the Boxster, Gemballa offers the Roadster GTR Biturbo:

With various levels of engine tune, this car can have anywhere from 350-450PS, which translates to about the same horsepower, with 560 Nm torque. The slowest version gets to 60 in 5.1, 200 in 12.7 and can reach 295 kph.

Gemballa's only criticism is that their horsepower numbers don't always mean better acceleration, especially in earlier models.

Stay tuned for TechArt next week!

Credit goes to, and, all great resources. As well as the German Gemballa site (only one that actualy worked!).

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nice, I see the 3rd pic, but the first 2 are tripod and can't be hotlinked. All we see is "tripod"

was modifying and adding the boxster section as you posted that

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Now thats what im talking about, i REALLY like the look of the first one, and the 750 is AMAZING, i cant wait for techart

I absolutely love the look of the Mirage though. The slantnose cars are awesome.

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Bump so people can see it again.

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This is prolly one of the best porsche tuners around

Man that's a sweet 911. I bet that Gemballa would do well in our Skyline vs Porsche debate.