View Thread: the baddest V-dubs you will ever see

Rotary Boy
which one of these bad little VW's is the coolest?

and the AWD supercharged 2.9L VR6 rabbit

i like the #5 the 1992 GTI 1.8T. It has almost 400 hp and is just over 2500 pounds. This car could probably run lower than any other car you show.

shed the body kit and gimme that bunny, sleeper from hell:flame:

the supercharged one

aactually the dude sold his s/c and picked up a turbo and is looking to get (hold your breath kiddies) 700~800 horse! I'd image there would be some wicked runchy lag but i dont care, its a rabbit with balls (byt he way my dad used to own an old school diesel rabbit and my mom drove around in a fox for a few years in the early 90's) i loved v dubs animal naming sysem, id much rather drive a fox or rabbit then a jetta or passat :tahoe: