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87 Supra Turbo
Some of you may remember my post about my sister buying a new Sante Fe, and here's the follow up. She decided to get a 2002 with about 30,000km on it and I'm quite suprised by the fit and finish on the interior. There are absolutely no rattles or weird noises anywhere and the ride is quite carlike. While it still may not be my first choice for an SUV it seems like a respectable car.

I was thinking the exact same thing about it until my neighbor bought one. It's not half bad! They got a black one with the gray molding around the bottom. Nice looking vehicle!

But now Dan (neighbor) is on a huge Hyundia kick and wants a Tiburon. I need to let him know that there may be a better choice out there. I mean it's a great car, definitely better than the last version. Just not sure it's the best sports coupe for the money.

87 Supra Turbo
Yeah the interior on the new Tib isn't that great. The one at the dealership had several loose bits and pieces in it. The seats however are nothing short of amazing and the placement for everything is quite nice.

The Tib reminds me of the 90's Celicas...a Sheep in Wolf's clothing...