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White X Flamez
anyone still ride those?

wut happened to like GT Dynos, DT Performers and Haros

??? :headscrat

i remember those bikes..i had one well i still have one but don't ride it...cost like 250..too expensive for a bike..

name some bikes that you have/had

oh i almost forgot to say that i have a GT Compe

Sia Bani
I had a GT timberline. It was a pretty expensive bike when it came out, but boy did we have fun with our bikes!

I had a redline 300 or 3000. dont remember. I loved that bike.

White X Flamez
you know wut bike i really want

the GT Dyno Performer..that shit is hot..still hot...damn yo i would ride that now if i have it...yo be4 when i went down to the garage to look at the bike...i realize my mountain bike is gone...don't know where the fuck it gay lolz

Sia Bani
Ya, bikes get stolen a lot here at Berkeley. Never bothered bringing one up.

First decent bike was a Schwinn Predator BMX bike. I moved to Mountain Bikes from there. I had another Schwinn for awhile, but it got stolen in college. I have a Specialized Hardrock that I ride now. My wife has a sweet Giant race bike but doesn't ride it as much anymore. I wish it were larger, I'd take it off her hands.

My part time job is a bike mechanic at the local bike shop. I have been working at bike stores since i was 15. Needless to say I like them a lot and have a few. Right now I have a Specialized Stumpjumper (mountain bike), a Schwinn road racing bike, and a Jamis Dakar (full suspension). All told, I could have bought a very nice car if I didn't have bikes.

White X Flamez
ahahn..yo if i were you i get the very nice cars instead of having the bikes lolz

Ok, now I'm feeling old. I've never even heard of most of those bikes.

The expensive one in my days was a "diamondback."

I've got a GT Performer that I got as a Christmas present in '84, shortly after the movie RAD came out. It needs some work now though, just collecting dust. I have Mongoose Expert Pro that I use for dirt jumping and messing around the local BMX track with.

My mountain bike is a Mongoose IBOC Team that I bought with my graduation money back in '93. Its been completely rebuilt with new components 2 times over and is due for another soon. It is such a sweet bike. 7005 alloy frame that was the NORBA teams exact frame. A friend who owned a bike shop ordered it for me. Really nice handling, but definately a bike for aggresive Xcountry riding. I had the frame stripped to bare aluminum and it looks pretty cool. I need to do some work to it though before I go to Moab in 2 weeks.

My road bike is a Canondale SR400, I've had this for awhile too, but its served its purpose well.

Then I have probably 4-5 other bikes that are cruisers and old mtn bikes not counting my gf's collection. I save way to much crap!

Here's some bike photos:

Me airing it out a little before a NORBA race at Mt. Snow, VT '94
2 jumps later I snapped my bottom bracket.

Me in a local race during the hill climb, about 5 years ago.

My buddy Ethan coming in for a landing at our secret dirt jumping location. This is the guy I got my 911 from. He's nuts, he can pull 1 handed back flips!