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Not sure if this is the right forum or not,

My mother just took her malibu into the local dealer to get her oilk changed and they tell her her muffler is connected to the pipe underneath and they say the whole thing needs to be replaced, they quted her something like $500+ (CDN) dollars to use "GM" parts and $260CDN for aftermarket parts. I have a haunting suspicion she is getting ripped off but I have no knowledge of cars at the moment, can anyone recommend perhaps shed some light on this situation?

Also could some good books on the subject for teaching oneself about auto's?

Sia Bani
Ya, forget taking it to GM if the warranty won't cover it. Tell her to take it to a muffler shop like Midas, for they have pretty consistent fees and you don't have to worry about getting ripped off if you have no clue on the matter.

Books: There are plenty out there, depending on how in depth you want to go.


But remember, we here are ready to answer any of your questions.


Yeah, I can second that.

I say never go to a dealership to get your car fixed, unless it's under warrantee.

Dealerships here charge around $80/hour for labor. Most private shops charge closer to $50/hour. On a 10 hour job, that can be a huge difference.

And, unless the GM parts are stainless steel, it's definitely a rip off.

Sia Bani
Originally posted by silverTA2002

And, unless the GM parts are stainless steel, it's definitely a rip off.

I'm trying to remember if my stock exhaust was stainless from Chevy. Honestly, it doesn't make a difference if it isn't polished. Just get a muffler with a lifetime warranty, most probably aluminized and you're set.

Are any of you mechanics? or at least home grown oneS? Just curious. :)

Sia Bani
We have one glorified grease monkey (that's what he calls himself) called Rotary Boy. Then there are a few aspiring mechs like Atech I believe. The mod of this section, 911gt2 knows his stuff as well.

We're all mechanics in our own way and to our own extent though!

Aye, you guys seem to already have this down.

And GM parts a a rip.