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Rotary Boy
dirt. what is dirt. describes it as:
a. Earth or soil.
a. A filthy or soiling substance, such as mud or dust.
b. Excrement.

all three of these are correct. dirt is indeed soil, and it is filthy and soiling, often composed of dust and sould water or godforbid snow be added to the mix you get mud. mud is a thick, usually cold unpleasnt substance, it smells like shit and gets in everything. it forms ruts that will steer your car into trees, it will envelop a car and saddle you with needless wieght of clinging, sucking thick mud.

dirt is an annoyance
add water to mud and you get an annoying hazard.
add snow to the mud and you get the shittiest stuff on earth to drive through.

this has been an understood fact for quite some time now. In fact I bet my fellow AWF'ers are wondering why i am telling them this bit of info they are already so well aware of.

heres why. I went to test rally mustang out yesterday. I went out with my freind adam who has twice acted as my co-pilot. he and I were enjoying the expeirence, putting a rally car(even an 88 mustang LX rally car) through it's paces is fun. breaking in falken rally tires is fun. getting stuck in the mud for two hours totally fucking sucks however. however I have learned somthing from this whole ordeal, and afterall, if you learn from it you have gained not lost.

first. flaken rally tires are outstanding.

second. mustang rear suspensions are weak and incapable, they are unable to cope with the kind of abuse that a rally will subject them too. the car is quite capable in dry dirt, but add mud or snow and the car becomes unpredictable and slow. and while we didn't really wrecck the mustang, we just slid it off the "road" we were on, it did come to our attention that having slid it off a few roads we are going to wreck the damn thing sooner or later. that will not stop us from using it however, it will get put through it's paces this june, but I am not sure how many paces it has left for us to put it through.

third.we need a new rally car, not right at this second, hell we don't really "need" anything. but we would like a new rally car.

fourth. volvo 240's are the kings of the rally world. or at least a rally world where AWD doesn't exist and there is no such thing as subaru, mistubishi, DSM, peugeot, or any number of capable, but usually more expensive makers of darn tootin good cars.

I figure if we can get a volvo 1989 volvo 240 for $1000(assuming shady condition, high mileage), that we can then get get shocks and basic supsension, tires, skidplate, rigged brake upgrade and rollcage for $2000. then add to that a turbo 2.3L swap from a 780 wagon, and top mount intercooler, a new radiator, plus the neccesary bits to go with the turbo swap(ignition, exhuast, downpipe, intake, feul delivery) for another $4000( much of this available with a front clip)

so we would be looking at 7000dollars for an awesome rally car. I figure he and I can have the money thrown up and the car started by this chirstmas and then use it next year. what do you guys think? it's nothing more than a plan right now, but it's what we came up with while we were sitting in the mud.

awesome idea. Hell, 240s are some of my favorite cars. No clue why, just love 'em. Incredibly versatile, and damned-near bulletproof.

Rotary Boy
man this is an old post. since that day that me and adam got rally stang stuck we ave done some decent stuff in her. and I have yet to crash her again, of course we have only competed once since, but hey, making it through one rally without a wreck is a miracle for me and adam


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