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this portion of the site lags behind badly so i want to post the ford mondeo st 220 which Europe is going to get now and North
LONDON--When it came time to replace the Contour/Mystique with an all-new platform, Ford decided to pull these models from the U.S. lineup. The good news/bad news is that the new Mondeo (as it's called in other markets) is a sweetheart of a car. Among its many variants is this high-performance version, called ST 220, for Sport Technologies. It represents what Ford of Europe Vice President for Product Development Martin Leach describes as "adding a spark of enthusiast passion into vehicles that already excel in their respective categories." Not so different from the SVT formula found Stateside
America might see in the future.
Price $32,000 (est)
Vehicle layout Front engine, FWD, 4-door, 5-pass.
Engine 3.0L/220-hp V-6, DOHC, 4 valves/cyl
0-60 mph, sec 6.7 (est)