View Thread: Faster, lighter, sleeker, stronger: 2003 Ford Focus WRC revealed

A radical new look hints at the most technically advanced and revolutionary Ford Focus world rally car, unveiled today prior to its competition debut on the Rally New Zealand on April 11. Significantly different in both looks and mechanics to the 2002 car, the Ford Focus RS WRC 03 is over 80 per cent new and is the first design from Ford Rallye Sport technical director Christian Loriaux. Highlights include radical changes to styling and aerodynamic package, new rear suspension system, improved weight distribution and new, lighter 2.0-litre turbocharged Duratec engine developed and built by Cosworth Racing.

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That looks pretty mean. I like.


That looks badass but what is that thing on the top of the car for?

Someone may know better than me, but I think it has to do with aerodynamics and/or cooling. Could cool the cockpit.

Cockpit cooling afaik. That is fuckin badass

Cool, guess I guessed right :D

Yeah, that sucker is badass. Wish we could have an AWD Turbo Focus that looked like that. I'd buy one.

I would too. Euro Fords are awesome. I'm still waiting for a Puma :(

I've been a longtime Puma fan. Although from what I've seen, it a painfully tiny car. I don't know if I'd drive one over here with all the Expeditions and Excursions on the road.

Badass looking though, I wish they'd add that styling to something we get.

it is pretty damn small but ive heard its hell of fun to drive. It has 4 cyls with either 125hp for the base or 155 for racing version and it weighs in at 2200 pounds for a price of around 20k for the base and 30k for the racing version. Also, it does 0-60 in 8.8 seconds or 7.9 for the rv but handling is respectable or near impressive i have heard.

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im not too big a fan of the puma. my dad had a black one in stock about a week ago. theyre average, but nothing more

holy sh*t!!! that focus is baddass!!! And i'don't even like focuses(foci?) that much.