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This is a friends system, my brother ons the exact same amps and box

im sorry, but personally I do not like systems like that, I want it to sound good and be able to hear my music, not blast a beat out for 5 blocks. Besides all the weight doesnt help with cornering.

Is that a porcelian/showertubstuff material? good resonance eh?

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Well the guy knew he couldnt make it a performance car, so he diceded to make it a sound car

It looks like a pretty good system. Very clean.

I perfer 12"s over 15"s but its good. One of htose ghetto pounders lol.

I just have a single ten in my T/A. It sound just about perfect for my music tastes.

I just switched out an MTX w0 for a round 10" kicker solo baric (a friend gave it to me for free). The kicker sounds a lot nicer and can take a whole lot more power.

i hope he takes that ghetto blaster to shows..cause thats wayyy too much bass for something thats a daily, how can he hear the rest of the music?

I would say that this system is OK but if you're willing to spend all this money (which i realize about how much it costs) why not get everything from alpine. The system may look good but i bet for the price the guy spent you could put together a system that sounds 3 times better. First of all I would change the amps and get the Alpine amps - you wouldnt believe the difference it makes (I would def go with the MRV-F340 <-- good shit for the price. + another alpine amp to push those subs u got).. The Alpine amps are designed to work with the bass boost that i think ur head unit has. If you're going for the quality of the sound get some alpine 6x9s in the back and 5x7 in the front.. Anyway the head unit in that system is very decent.. Alpine makes very powerful units by the way..

PS. Cut down on the bass a little man haha how can u hear the rest of the music with those 15s?

Hmm....Alpineguy reccomends alpine amps??


But I like to hear my music, not the vibrations.

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Hey Alpineman, welcome here. Just to put a smile on your face, I currently have a 5-channel Alpine amp.

(It's going to be swapped for the better 5-channel kicker though, on monday the 28th)

Alpine 0wns

Word up masestylez

Alpine rocks like theres no tomorrow

woohoo.. my cars on the same site that dudes car is now... to bad my car has a SHITTY sound system.. haha

We installed a bunch of car stereo shit in my car just for fun last weekend, my trunk is great because its solid, no cutouts for anything. So it just pounds. (Two JL W-something 12s) But I took it out because I felt like a fag and I don't like the extra weight for something I don't want. I want a Polk Audio Momo 10" :)