View Thread: Nissan Evalia Concept at Geneva Motor Show

Nissan describes Evalia as "the antidote to parenthood", and says that it "proves there can be life after babies". It has been inspired by the frustrations of one of the design team, the father of a toddler, needing practicality yet being a style-conscious, enthusiastic driver. It has the sort of name imposed upon the offspring of West London media luvvies ("Milo! Evalia! Come to Mummy for your soya milk!"). This is enough to send most of us scurrying over to look at the 350Z coupé instead (now confirmed for UK sale, from just £24,000). And we've been here before... just how many Honda Streams have you spotted on the road?

Read the rest of the article here:

Is that supposed to be like our Nissan Murano? Looks like it from the rear a bit.

The front isn't much to look at. But ilike the sides and the back. ANd the INtereio looks pretty sweet. I wud buy a car like this.

I like how it looks, very smooth

It does remind me of the Murano a bit. Only lowered a bit.

Is that supposed to be a type of minivan or something?

If so, it's a minivan I wouldn't mind driving!!