View Thread: USDM Civic Type R for $20K anyone?

Just reading the new Motortrend.

200hp Civic Type R :: $18,000 - $20,000 estimated price.

"honda hasn't publicly said the Type R is coming to the US - but we say it's a done deal".

I would seriously consider that for my daily driver.

I personally think they should instead come out wit the Civic Si-turbo concept that was introduced at SEMA. I know the CTR is a lot better car, but just for AMerica to have pur own fast car wud be awesome. INstead of gettin shafted liek we do for the other cars like the JDM lancer or the GTR or the silvia.

I agree, as far as cars I wouldn't buy goes, the Turbo would be way cool. :D Plus I don't like the Type R looks