View Thread: Chrysler Airflite Concept debuts at Geneva Motor Show

The Chrysler Airflite concept vehicle, which will be revealed next week (Tuesday, 4 March) by the Chrysler Group at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show, blends the passion of Chrysler design, the styling of a coupe and the practicality and function of a saloon car. The long, clean aerodynamic lines of Airflite’s striking profile combine with the spacious, creative but practical interior to produce a car that is as much museum-quality sculpture as it is personal transportation. It brings form and function together in a stylish, sporty vehicle designed to appeal to the mainstream market segment.

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looks like a 4 door crossfire

Thats exactly what I was going to say

Sia Bani
Kak, please tell me where you are attempting to link these pictures. I remember when you asked me not to link your pictures because it uses bandwidth. My bandwidth "doesn't grow on trees" either. Please tell me what you're doing. Thanks.