View Thread: A trio of KIA debuts at Geneva Motor Show

Designed for the driver seeking passenger- and cargo-carrying versatility without sacrificing driving enjoyment, the Kia KCD-1 Slice concept is a fresh alternative to useful but dynamically cumbersome SUVs. The KCD-1 Slice will be making its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday 4 March on stand 5131. "This vehicle is designed to carry volumes of baggage from home one day and to have fun on twisty roads the next," said Eric Stoddard, the Hyundai-Kia Design Center designer responsible for the vehicle’s exterior. "We gave it all the cargo-carrying versatility of an SUV without the handling and fuel consumption penalties."

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Carlos Carrera
i Hate kias :ghey:

Y'know, I did, but then I was given a fully loaded optima for a rental once, and let me tell you, this thing was PIMP. Leather, sunroof, triptronic transmission, v6, it was pretty sweet. Not my stealth sweet, but sweet. hehe. :D

i thought kia couldnt get worse and it just did

I could live without seeing that on the road