View Thread: A Couple Simple Rules

OK, there's not a whole lot that needs to be said, but here goes:

1. No really dumb questions. Seriously, don't come asking something that can easily be found out using Google or Howstuffworks or a similar resource. Asking for opinions will always be acceptable.

2. Cite your sources if writing a tech piece. It's a great thing if you learn something then teach it to everyone here, but please cite your sources, they deserve the credit far more than you do.

3. No flaming. Everybody makes mistakes, and they learn from them. Leave it at that.

Other than that, you're pretty well free to do whatever you want. If you have any questions, PM me or Sia.

Sia Bani
I don't agree with number one. I think unless people are purposefully trying to be dumbasses, then they can ask whatever they want. I'd rather THIS be the people's "google" or how stuff works. I'd like to build a database of many useful posts so in the future, your "rules" can be :

1. Use the search feature before you ask a question.

But seriously man, not enough people are here to have strict rules.

Of the posts you have seen, which do you think comprise your stupid question rule?

CUZ I ASK PLENTY OF STUPID QUESTIONS...don't hate people trying to learn.

Whoa there. I think we want this forum to be a place where both novices and experienced mechanics feel welcome. What you might view as a dumb question might now be so dumb to someone else. By the way, what's a Porsche?

By dumb question I mean "what's an engine". If you want particular pieces if info, feel free of course.

And I haven't seen any stupid questions as of yet. But most people just refer them to howstuffworks anyways.

We've all heard the saying......

whats the saying ther troy?

No stupid questions.....complete the rest for yourself.