View Thread: Peugeot unveils something for everyone at the British International Motor Show

With competition rife to be the ‘star’ car at this year’s British International Motor Show, Peugeot will be showing an enviable line-up of new products, including the new 206 GTi 180, and six concept cars. With Peugeot securing the World Rally Championship double in Rally New Zealand earlier this month - with Marcus Grönholm winning the drivers’ title, and Harri Rovanperä’s second place securing the manufacturers’ championship - what better way to celebrate than with the launch of the new 206 GTi 180?

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Sia Bani

straight out of someone's nightmare.

i like it.....

wait its not opposite day.....nevermind

I like it too. :cheers:

Imagine the Fire Chief/Marshall arriving in this car. I am talking about the van that comes before fire trucks.

That would be soooo awesome.

I've always loved the Peugeot front ends. They just look so cool. The SiR looks like a 206 that melted. But the 206's managed to get the proportions down perfect.

Devoid of WRX

Well not the firetruck...that just looks ridiculous.

That looks hideous, just hideous...