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Arthur Dent
The SS concept just looks a bit off. I just realized it would do perfectly as a somewhat retro new Camaro. With early 2nd generation inspired styling. Thoughts?

That car loks AMAZING!

Motortrend hinted that it was more likely to spawn elements of the new Corvette rather than the new Camaro.

i dont like the headlights and fenders too much

2 too many doors, i see a chevelle coming from that. the next gen Fbody will probably be on a shortened sigma (CTS) platform, we already knwo it cnan fit a T-56 and LS1, which will probably be the next motor.

How 'bout this?

thats a little better cause the fenders arent sticking out too much

The SS concept looks like you would see the same thing from the back as you would from the front.

I like both of those cars!

The headlights on the drawing need to be changed, but other than that, it's pretty sweet.

Funny thing about the SS concept, the curb weight was almost 5000 pounds. But GM states that target weight is closer to 3600 lbs. Still heavy, but the compromise is a useable back seat (vs current fbody).

I'd still like it to weigh less though. You get better performance that way.

Actually, PD's right. That car shows off cues from the Next Corvette and Impala. The grille and headlights won't make it to either of them, but the rest is of the car is a good hint at the next design direction of Chevy.

Things aren't llokng good for a 5th generation Camaro either. They lied to us when they said they wouldn't discontinue the F-bodies, and they lied to us when they said the Camaro would come back. :mad:

eric rxb
I really like that last pic, I wonder what the T/A version would look like

I want a car with no backseat

eric rxb
and no cup holders!

Reminds me of the scene in Bad Boys where Martin is bitching about the 911 Turbo not having cup holders :D

i hate backseats