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Well, we went to pick up the gf's mom's SE-R last night (she ended up getting the SE-R instead of the Spec V basically because they wanted to unload that car I think--they gave her some BS about how the tires that came on the spec v suck and you can't get one w/ a sunroof, etc.) Anyway, so she got the SE-R and I have to say, I still haven't driven a recent Nissan that I haven't liked. Its surprisingly ballsy seeming, handles well, and gets decent mileage on regular gas--what's not to like? Seems like a steal for the price to me. Definitely more ballsy seeming than a Civic Si. Plus its a sleeper the cops won't look at twice and that will surprise some cars from a light, but isn't as everyday common as some sporty compacts. Nice little car.

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nice :cheers:

I perfected my 5spd driving on one of my wife (then girlfriends) Sentra. That was a fun car to drive considering the low hp. I too have been damn impressed with all of the recent Nissan's I've driven. Wait...Nissan...Driven - that would be a good slogan :tongue:

Sorry about the BS you got from the dealer.......

Maybe they actually saved you some money. I'm sure the 5hp difference wouldn't be that noticeable.

Yeah what the hell is with the package and a 5hp difference? Does it give you nicer interior or suspension packaging too?

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you get a 6 speed and LSD too I think

Yeah, the spec v is supposed to actually give you 10 more hp, a lsd, a six speed (only way it comes) numerous cosmetic things (instrumentation, seats, shifter knob I think) and an even sportier tuned suspension. I really think this was the better way for her to go in the longrun, though, because she won't miss the 10hp, and the suspension is sporty enough already for her--it already handles well and any stiffer might be too stiff for her. And its a little more low key than the interior on the spec v, so thats probably better for her too. The sales guy was really nice, it was some of the "upper" types that weren't such great "people persons" and you had to watch, I think. Anyway, like I said I think it worked out for the best as to model. She loves it so far. I think she had a few misgivings at the end, but I have to say it definitely handles better than her old Grand Am GT did, seems ballsier, touchy but good brakes, has the sun roof she wanted. By the end of the night she was loving it.

toobad u didn't get the Spec V. the dealer gave u a load of BS. Trust me, the extra pwer and the LSD and the 6-speed would've made BIG differences.

Read up on the SPec V, in Sport compact Car,i htink they have NUMEROUS articles about it. Mostly mixed reviews, but it turns our good in the long run.